Google launches new Opinion Reward app in India, now get paid to take surveys


Google has launched the Opinion Reward application in India. This application supplies a user with regular surveys and in return they’ll be paid in Google Play Credit. Though this credit cannot be en-cashed, it can be used to buy applications and other services from Google Play Store.

To begin, the user will have to download the new application from the Play Store; the app already has 10 million downloads. Once the user enters the app, they’ll be guided step by step to take surveys. Initially, the user will have to enter a few details like, age, name, postal code and even income.

To acquaint the user with how it works a mock survey will be provided on the home page. Once the survey is completed, the user will be eligible for more paid surveys in future. The first mock-survey will not be paid.

According to Google, the application won’t keep a track of your personal response for every survey but will keep a track of participation to ensure credits are paid. According to the app description, users can get paid up to Rs 32.50 for every survey they complete.

The nature of questions can vary with every survey. The questions can range from “Which logo is the best?” to “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on travelling next?”